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Breast Development

T.W. asks from Honolulu

Hi, i appreciate if anyone can help. My daughter is 10, turning 11 in 3 months and one of her breast started developing about 13 months ago. Its been 13 months no...


Development Issues

Z.S. asks from Los Angeles

Is it my fault that my 2 year old son has speech delay and has sensory intregation? Could have I prevented this?


Review About TLC Child Development in Plano on Hedgecoxe

P.C. asks from Dallas

Hi, I have a 3 yr and a 4 1/2 yr and I wanted to join them in a good Pre-K program. I looked at a few. Among them are TLC Child development in Plano on hedgecoxe. I...


Looking for a Good Book on Child Development

A.B. asks from Dallas

Hey moms, I'm looking for a good book on child development, kind of a general reference as to what I can expect from my child at what age. I want to know physically,...


Slow Development on 2 Year Old?

C.C. asks from Chicago

Can someone give me some good info on where a 2 year old is supposed to be in terms of language, cognitive, and verbal development? I think my son is average, smar...


Information on Bent Tree Child Development Center, Addison

B.S. asks from Dallas

We are looking for a pre k program for our 4 year old. Someone suggested Bent Tree Child Development Center. Interested in hearing from anyone who has had their chi...


Website Development for Someone Who's IT Challenged

S.G. asks from San Francisco

Hi Moms, Do you have any suggestions for any websites or companies that help with website development for cheap? I own a cake/cupcake business and am looking to de...


Seeking Location for Photo Development

J.S. asks from Los Angeles

the catch is that I want either matte or lustre... NO GLOSSY development. I've tried the places local to me and I got tired of driving around looking and wasting gas!...


Is This Little Girl's Development Abnormal?

E.C. asks from San Francisco

My neighbor's little girl is just shy of 2 years old. At her last visit to the doctor, with a male pediatrician, they were told that her breast were developing unnat...


Preemie Development and Catching Up

K.F. asks from Hickory

My daughter was born 12 weeks early and spent 61 days in the NICU. Thankfully she has no major health problems :) Other than being early she has developed late. I was...