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M. asks from Houston

I have a son that is 16 months old and is VERY bow legged. He start walking right before he was 10 months old. (He has a sister that is 22 months older than him and...


Changing Professions to Accounting from Web Development

D.S. asks from Memphis

I currently have my associates degree in Web Development and I have been working in the field for a few years off and on (meaning I had other duties at the same job)....


Books/web Sites on Early Childhood Development

D.S. asks from Phoenix

My son is 21 months and changing so fast. It's fun and also confusing at times. I would love to study the developmental phases he is going though...I am interested in...


Does Anyone Have Experience with Delayed Physical Development?

J.T. asks from San Francisco

Hello everyone, My youngest daughter is 6-1/2 months old and is seemingly having trouble reaching different physical milestones. She is nowhere near able to sit and...


Advice on Second Grade Son's Reading Development

R.J. asks from Chicago

My son is in second grade and hates to read.  He seems to lose his place easily and just makes things up as he is reading.  When we talk to him about it he says tha...


Stuttering Is Normal Part of Development, but I Need Reassurance.....

S.D. asks from Springfield

My daughter is not quite 26 months old, but she has a huge vocabulary and speaks in long sentences. She is always carrying on a conversation or "reading" books outlo...


Seeking Moms That Know About Fetal Heart Development

T.K. asks from Detroit

I just went in for my ultrasound for my second baby at 18 weeks. The ultrasound technician kept on telling us that it may be too soon to see everything, but she anno...


Best Dallas, Tx Area College to Study Early Childhood Development?

D.B. asks from Dallas

I've moved to Texas from Pa. about 5 years ago and would like to finish my AA degree in ECE. I absolutely love learning about Infant, toddler and preschool developmen...


Experienced Replies on the Normal Cognition and Development of Children 2-4

S.C. asks from Austin

I wonder at what age are kids really able to count items with definity, and answer with the actual 'yes' when they mean yes and 'no' when they actually mean no? I kno...


Character Development

R.L. asks from Dallas

When I ask my teenagers what they did all day they say, "nothing." When I ask them what they like to do, they say "nothing". When I ask them what they want to do or b...